Kentucky Trailer and Movers Supply House

building custom moving van bodies for over 42 years

Kentucky Moving Van Options:

  • Custom lengths and styles, including pallet door configurations
  • 96” or 102” width
  • Longer 72” attic length
  • Taller or shorter inside heights
  • Moving, adding, or subtracting side doors
  • Roll up rear door ILO swing open
  • 12” floor sill spacing ILO 16” spacing
  • 16” side post spacing ILO 24” spacing
  • Stainless steel bright finish front corner radius inserts
  • White vinyl or natural finish plywood ILO one piece white plywood interior
  • Horizontal track in front wall
  • Steel scuff strips/liner on sides or front wall
  • Threshold plate recessed in rear, smooth steel or diamond plate, 18” or 24”
  • Additional marker lights on outside rails
  • Combination turn/marker lights on lower rail
  • Wind Deflector
  • Oversized skirt packages for better aerodynamics
  • Additional and/or custom sized and styled walkboard racks
  • Kentucky style Storage/Tool Box mounted under body, forward of rear axle
  • Stainless steel and anodized aluminum, sliding pipe loading platform at rear
  • Hinge guards at rear door
  • Grab handles and steps at rear doors
  • Sleeper compartment built into body behind cab
  • Custom painting and decaling or Van Line approved paint and decal install
  • Lift Gates from Palfinger, Waltco, Maxon and other major manufacturers
  • Installation of fire extinguisher per DOT regulation
  • DOT inspection
  • Additional layer of spray on undercoating

This is a list of our more popular options. Because Kentucky is a semi-custom builder, many other ideas or features can be built to your specific needs. We will be happy to review any special requirements to get your job done.
Kentucky - You asked... We listened!

Click here for a PDF of our most popular Kentucky Moving Van options (Adobe Acrobat Required)